What is IFMS in Real Estate?

Residential Project

IFMS, or Interest-Free Maintenance Security Charges, is a payment made by property buyers to developers before the formation of their residents’ association (RWA). This upfront deposit essentially acts as a secure fund for covering essential expenses like maintenance, upkeep, security, and even initial development projects. It ensures smooth upkeep of the property until residents take ownership through their RWA, offering peace of mind for both buyers and developers.”

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Is it applicable only to the residents?

Investing in a new property, whether a cozy condo or a bustling office complex, often involves several charges, and IFMS might initially sound mysterious. Fear not! In simpler terms, it’s like a pre-paid maintenance fund, a bit like an “insurance policy for your future upkeep.” It’s an additional charge levied on buyers for any type of property, ensuring resources are readily available when residents take over responsibility, keeping your new haven shiny and functional.

Will it be included in the security deposit/token money?

Forget confusing overlaps! Unlike your standard security deposit or token money, which act as safeguards against damage or defaults, IFMS is a dedicated “future fund” for your new property. Think of it as a separate bank account, specifically earmarked for maintenance once residents take over. This means the developer manages these funds until the Residents’ Welfare Association is formed, ensuring smooth sailing from construction to community-driven upkeep.

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